Whether altering, extending or building new, you want high quality results and value for money, so consult a local Jersey Architect who will share these concerns and seek to achieve your objectives. An Architect brings four crucial qualities to a project:


Jersey Architects have a comprehensive understanding of Planning Law, Policy and Procedure, so should be your first port of call for reliable authoritative advice about the feasibility of anything relating to the Built Environment. We will be realistic about your opportunities set within context of the Planning framework. Many Practices will provide an initial site visit consultation and general advice on Planning implications without charge.


An Architect can lift your project out of the ordinary. It takes considerable skill, relating your requirements to the site and fusing them into a single harmonious vision that is a pleasure to inhabit.


An Architect will create an arrangement of light and space you didn’t know you could have, suggest materials you didn’t realise you could fit and make sure you find the appropriate builder at the right price.


An Architect is also a trouble-shooter, guiding your project through the involved procedures of planning application and building regulation. The Architect attends to the details and monitors the builder’s work to completion. Talk to one of the local Jersey Architects.


To become an AJA member you need to be:

i. Registered with ARB and/or RIBA

ii. Registered as an Architect in the Royal Court of Jersey

iii. Domiciled in Jersey