Carlo BW

Carlo Riva / BA (Hons) BArch (Hons) RIBA

Carlo has over 30 years of experience in leading a reputable Island design practice, having previously gained architectural experience in the UK, Italy and France. He takes great pride in fostering client orientated design solutions and essentially returned to Jersey to carry out as varied a range of project types as possible. He is passionate about developing new skill sets in the ever-changing construction industry and enjoys leading multi-disciplinary design teams as required by complex modern-day building projects. He very much sees architecture as having a major role in improving the quality of our community life, and readily applies himself to all projects whether small or large, seeing them through to completion and handover. He is the managing director of Riva Architects, where he is assisted by a very experienced and committed team who balance design excellence with technical rigour in order to deliver projects of a high standard.

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