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Anna Robertson / BA(hons) DipArch MA RIBA

Having specialised in Environmental Architecture, I try to get a bit of sustainability into every project. Self-sustainability is going to be vital in the future, especially on Islands that have rising populations. I focus on offering a complete service from making the existing property more efficient, to designing new builds that are completely self sustainable. I don’t want people to be intimidated by all the ‘environmental’ terminology. I can take the mystery out of that for them and show them how to make their homes or projects cost less to run and be more ‘Green’. My experience in the U.K, Jersey and Australia has given me a broad vision in modern build and heritage renovation. Working in different countries within complex team structures has honed my negotiating skills and ability to liaise and coordinate project members from varying disciplines. I enjoy a challenge and pride myself with the ability to take on complex and technically detailed projects. My favourite part of the job is creating the relationships with the Clients. I am a member of the AJA Council.

Submitted projects